hmmm, yum yum - 2016
the jellybean dispenser to be far more bean friendly
Deep River Rock - 2015 / 2016
the buildig up of a digital library.
'where ever you go' - 2016
inhouse design visualization and design exercise.
Project OPUS - 2007
revisiting an older project which at the time was to be a closely guarded secret of an entirely new cider brand for the South African market.
Jameson Graduate Recruitment - 2012
enticing young graduates to join one of leading global brands - and a great whiskey!
Reliable Music Warehouse 2001 - 2004
Turnkey design for Reliable Music Warehouse
FinBank - 2007
Corporate signage design and development
Acrobats - 2016
experimental digital and photography collaboration.
Childline Awareness Campaign - 2016
ABSA Premiership Trophy - 2007 / 2009
ABSA Premiership trophy that would be lifted by the league champions.
Run, Walk & Roll - 2014
Design, visualization and production of a participants medal for the Irish Cancer Society's: Run Walk & Roll fundraiser for cancer research which was held in several towns across Ireland.
if it were a medal 2.0 - 2014
From concept to execution, the journey and application of a funky logo and brand through the digital and tangible landscapes.