Hello.  We are chaosdesignorder, powered by CuteMachines.   We specialise in Industrial Design, Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Mechatronics.
We combine strategic and creative design thinking to deliver services and products engineered with people, and for people.  We’re researchers, designers, engineers and innovation specialists – all focused on solving your design problems by materialising new ideas.  
Our philosophy is simple; without design the world simply does not and would not make sense.  We observe and examine what currently exists, question it, have fun taking it apart, inspect it from all angles to see where it can be improved upon, innovated upon or reinvented.  

We design, we make things, and we do both brilliantly.

3D modelling and rendering exercise. Grimm Brothers Brewery have the coolest branding, or at the time of this exercise, so why not.

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