I love The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans, I mean have you ever had any! Now with respect to the little morsels of delight I could not sit back with good conscience and see them being damaged whilst being dispensed through the traditional clockwork type dispenser. More often than not I have had to dismantle the device to clean up and remove product that has jammed up the mechanism - a real buzz kill when all you want are a few treats.
So I’ve set to work on a bean friendly design. A simple mechanism based on an Archimedes screw gently scoops up a portion and ferries it along to your hand. All without the beans having to pass through a clockwork type mechanism in traditional dispensers. The exterior form or jar reflects the shape of the beans and is intended to be blown glass which in itself is a challenge especially for a one off or small production run. It is still a work in progress.
the Archimedes screw mechanism I expect to work.
how we thought about it
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