humble pie - 2014

my annual jewellery design and manufacture project which is always a Christmas present

'the path chosen isn't necessarily the path travelled'
an inhouse project to make sure our hands still are dextrous enough and fully functional. So a peice of jewelry is designed and made. This particular peice a ring is inspired by the work of Francesco Pavan mixed in with an intepretation of a 2012 trek to the top of Kilimanjaro and viola  'a peice of cake' was conceived. 
what the name peice of cake, well on our trip one of the porters, Max - what a legend - always referred to any obstacle as a peice of cake, a little hard to imagine, but man it's stuck.
From: "a of cake" to "himble pie" - well now not being a jeweler, the approach to this work was that of sheet metal design. How different can it be, the material starts off the same - yes? Well there in lay the learning.

Jewelers use a very nifty little trick called scoring, whereby material is removed along the reverse side of the fold line to fold and fabricate from sheet stock, resulting in super crisp edges and not the typical bending radii experienced in traditional sheet fabrication. The combination of ambition and limited skill resulted in a grand departure from the fully fabricated silver design to one which required a little compromise. Nothing like a little Christmas eve pressure to stir the creative problem solving juices.
what we made
how we thought about it
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