3D Printing

on demand technology to hold onto your imagination

3D printing is truly a magical process!

What became known as a disruptive manufacturing process has enabled everyone, from young to old, the opportunity to imagine and with relative cost realise their idea into something tangible.
The term 3D printing is however an inaccurate layman-ism for the process of additive manufacturing whereby the resultant form is derived by the sequential adding or material in layers.

Material too is a broad palette including slurries, powders and solids, ranging from plastics, precious metals, food and cellular materials, yup and even have a kidney to prove it.

In the studio I use it for a heap of stuff. It sometimes forms part of a brief where the best way to illustrate a new design is to have a low resolution print available for critique. Sometimes it forms part of the prototyping process for a product that will undergo some sort of testing or use, but sometimes it’s just because I’ve seen something on Thingiverse that I ‘need’.

Outside of the studio, I’ve had the opportunity to present and talk about 3D printing and design all starting off at an IOT Meetup to the more recent presentation and demo at Kerry Group’s Global HQ.  
Since 2015 together with Dr Jake Byrne, I host and run 3D printing workshops at the Lexicon Lab in Dun Laoghaire to an audience of all ages and more recently to secondary schools during Science Week Ireland

So as you can see 3D printing is for and accessible to everyone, if you’d like to have a chat about all things 3D printed or host a demo drop me a message. or stop by my blog where I usually put up works in progress.